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New Job? Here Is How to Sell Your House Fast

Congratulations on the new job! This is an exciting time in your life. It can also be stressful with all the arrangements you have to make to relocate. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you need to be able to sell your house fast in DMV. There are lots of options for selling your house.

For instance, you could put your house on the market the traditional way. You could also attempt a for sale by owner (FSBO). However, if you want to get out of your house quickly, the best option may be to sell your house as-is for cash. Doing so allows you to get out from underneath your mortgage or property free and clear with no strings attached. Let?s take a look at the benefits of selling your house for cash to a local cash home buyer.

What Are My Options for Selling My House?

A new job puts you in a position where you may have to sell your house within a few days. You don?t have time to wait several weeks or months for a buyer. Which method of selling your home is the fastest?

Traditional House Sale

If you are going the traditional route with a home sale, then don?t plan to sell the property any time soon. The average time it takes to find a buyer is 60 to 90 days. That?s just the start. It can take up to 12 months to renovate the house, 45 days for the buyer to get a mortgage loan approval, and 40 days to close after the contract.

Meanwhile, your time and money are split down the middle as you try to live in your new house while selling your old house. The bottom line is this: there is nothing fast about hiring a realtor and selling your house the traditional way. You may also find that you incur a variety of expenses that you weren?t planning.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

You may decide that you want to bypass the traditional route and go the for sale by owner (FSBO) route. You have the freedom to list and market your house as you please, and you get 100 percent of the profits minus the closing costs. If you are aggressive and motivated to sell your house, you may find that this is a better option than a traditional sale.

However, it is easy to get desperate when selling your house on your own. The longer it stays on the market, the more desperate you become. Therefore, you may allow a buyer to take advantage of you, or you may lower the price of the property considerably just to get out of it. Plus, if you have a new job, you may find that a for sale by owner can take a long time. On average, FSBO sales can take six to twelve months.

Sell Your House for Cash (We Buy Houses)

You may have seen signs around the DMV area that display the words, ?We Buy Houses As-Is,? or We Pay Cash for Houses.? If so, this may be your fastest route to selling your house. On average, you can sell your property and get cash-in-hand within 30 days.

When you sell your house to a local house buyer, there are several benefits such as:

  • You can get a fast cash offer with 24 to 48 hours.
  • You work with local house buyers right here in the DMV area.
  • You do not have to stage your home or show it multiple times.
  • You sell your house as-is ? no renovations or repairs
  • You can move on quickly with your new job and your new life

Plus, you pay no closing costs or realtor fees. The house investor can look at the house, make a fair cash offer, and close on the house in only a few weeks. This way, when you move, you can walk away with no strings attached.

How to Sell My House Fast in DMV

Step 1: Schedule a Visit with a Local House Buyer

The first step is to pick up the phone and call one of our local house investors in the Alexandria, Virginia area. Simply schedule a quick walk-through of the property. There is no need to make any renovations, prepare the house to show, or even clean up. We are happy to view the property as-is.

Step 2: Let Us Make a Fast Cash Offer

If we decide we want to move forward with buying the property, we’ll make a competitive cash offer based on a percentage of the house’s value. We can negotiate a fair cash offer that puts money in your pocket and allows us to make a good investment.

Step 3: We Pay You Cash

Do you like the offer? Then schedule a closing date that works for you. We show up, sign the papers, and pay all closing costs and fees. You pay nothing. We can pay cash in as little as seven days after closing.

Sell Your House Fast Regardless of Your Reason

We buy houses as-is from homeowners for any reason:

Bankruptcy Damaged Property Distressed Property divorce
Downsizing Foreclosure Inherited House Late Payments
Probate Relocating Rental Properties Houses in Disrepair

You may believe that your current situation prevents you from being able to sell your house fast. In a traditional house sale, this may be true. However, when you sell your house for cash, a local house buyer can purchase your house regardless of the reason. Whether you are dodging a foreclosure, diving assets after a divorce, downsizing, or getting rid of a rental, we can take your house off your hands and give you a competitive cash payment.

Sell Your House for Cash in DMV

Do you live in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia? If so, contact Fortune Houses today. Sell your house fast for cash in DMV and the surrounding area. We buy houses as-is in any condition. Call 202-918-9800 to schedule a quick, no-obligation visit with one of our local cash home buyers.

Our company purchases property as-is in the following areas:

Alexandria Fairfax Falls Church
Manassas Rockville Silver Spring
Vienna Washington, D.C. Arlington County
Fairfax County Loudoun County Montgomery County
Prince George?s County Prince William County

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