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IMPORTANT UPDATE: CARES Act Mortgage Forbearance Period Ending

Are You a Burnt Out Landlord?

Do you currently have a rental property and are tired of your tenants not paying rent? As a landlord in the DMV area, I understand your frustration. When tenants fail to pay rent, it hurts you financially because you still have expenses to pay, such as:
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
Millions of people have lost work due to the Coronavirus pandemic and are unable to pay their rent. Not drawing adequate income can make it almost impossible for any tenant to keep up with their rent and other monthly bills. However, even if they receive unemployment or a stimulus check, they can choose to allocate that money for something else and not rent.

The Current System is Working Against You

When your tenants miss a month of rent, they are likely to stay behind in the payments indefinitely. That puts you as a landlord in a difficult situation, because the pressure is on you to try to collect the unpaid balance required by the lease.

To make matters worse, our state government has allowed a moratorium, so that you cannot evict tenants through the summer of 2020 due to the Coronavirus. The current system provides relief for your tenants, but not much relief for you as a landlord.


Are You Frustrated with Maintaining Your Rental Property?

Tenants who are not on time with their rent do not maintain or keep up with the property. By the end of the lease, the property is often in poor condition and in need of major renovations.

The security deposit the tenant forfeits will not cover the renovations needed to make the property ready for another tenant. If your rental property is currently sitting in an area where the laws favor the tenant, you may find it difficult to evict the tenants even if they have not paid their rent in months.

If you are in this situation as a landlord, what are your options?

Sell Your House Fast for Cash in DMV

If you live in the DMV area and you no longer want to deal with the hassle of managing your property, you can cash out by selling your property to Fortune Homes. We buy houses from landlords. Our buyers can assume responsibility and the legal liability of managing the home and dealing with your tenants for you. You pay no closing costs and no fees.

We work with landlords who have tenants that have been living on the property but have not been paying the rent. We can give you a cash offer and purchase the property as-is. Even if the tenant damaged the home, we can take it in the current condition regardless of the physical defects of the property.

We will also take the responsibility and legal liability of evicting the tenants for you on your behalf. With the additional help from a local house buyer in the DMV region, you have one less property to worry about.


Sell Your House for Cash in DMV

Don?t get stressed out about bad tenants ever again. You can cash out right now, get the highest possible equity out of your house, and never worry about the tenants again. To find out more about Fortune Homes and how to sell your house to a local house investor in DMV, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and also visit our website at We pay cash for your house as-is within 24 hours.

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